Uniendo personas y empresas a través del conocimiento y la agilidad

OCTUBRE 25-27, 2022

¡No te lo pierdas!

Authored Scrum Master (book), created eXtreme Manufacturing, founded WIKISPEED.

Joe Justice is author of Scrum Master, published in 7 languages. Joe has worked with Bill Gates, the leadership team at Amazon, and operated the Agile program at Tesla for Elon Musk. Joe founded WIKISPEED which became an example of automotive design and production speed in a fun, egalitarian culture. Joe enjoys collaborating as a board member, writing, teaching, and running companies to make a good future arrive faster.

Product Owner, Enterprise Agility and Learning Enablement at Scrum.org

Patricia Kong is a well-known public speaker and mentor. She is the Product Owner of the Scrum.org Enterprise Agility Program which focuses on helping organizations thrive in a complex world. She also leads Learning Enablement at Scrum.org, helping individuals progress in their agile learning journeys. She created and launched the Scrum.org Partners in Principle Program. Patricia develops the Evidence-Based Management Framework for improving organizational agility as well the Nexus Framework for scaling Scrum. She is also a co-author of «The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum» published by Pearson and co-author of the Evidence-Based Management and Nexus Guides.

SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc.

Dr. Steve Mayner is an executive coach and Lean-Agile evangelist with a passion for cultivating transformational leaders and high-performing teams. His 33+ year career in business includes roles as Vice President in multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as Chief Technology Officer for a Health IT startup company. He also retired in 2003 as a commissioned officer in the reserve component of the U.S. Air Force with just under 21 years of service. In his current role as a SAFe® Fellow for Scaled Agile, Inc., Steve contributes to the ongoing development of the framework and courseware with specializations in government, leadership, learning culture, and organizational change. In addition to the SAFe Summits, he has been a regular presenter at the DevOps Enterprise Summit, PMI, and various government and industry conferences.

Global Chief Technology Officer

Iñaki is passionate for technology and has 20 years of international experience with strong focus on digital transformation. He loves technology, artificial intelligence and challenging problems. He’s excellent at creating world class teams, defining strategy, translating strategy to execution plans, motivating people to deliver over expectations and disrupting the status quo. He needs communicative environments, being challenged and being allowed to think out of the box. Iñaki’s previous experience has been in Unicredit and BBVA where he led an amazing multiyear technology transformation plan to move the BBVA platform to the cloud. This plan had a massive impact in terms of costs reduction, time to market and enabling new amazing business capabilities at scale (mostly in the artificial intelligence space). Iñaki has a deep experience as a senior executive in large organizations but as well as in startups like Veridas, BBVA Next Technologies or Datio. He’s a great believer in people and how to create an engineer culture.

Chief Operating Officer, Business Agility Institute

Laura is the Chief Operating Officer for the Business Agility Institute and the Founder of Powered by Teams – a Silicon Valley agile consultancy focused on helping leaders and their teams thrive amidst change. Laura holds a BS and an MS in Mechanical Engineering and has worked at companies like Hewlett Packard, eBay, Intuit, as well as several startups you never heard of! Throughout her career – her most satisfying experiences have always been as a member of a high performing team on a mission to achieve the near-impossible as soon as possible.

Santander Brazil Chief Technology & Operating Officer

With 30 years of experience in the financial market, Ede Viani is Executive Vice President of Technology & Operations at Santander Brazil. He is responsible for leading the digital transformation journey of the Brazilian operation and for building a robust, stable, resilient and scalable platform, in response to the expected new levels of innovation, automation and customer experience. He built his trajectory leading important segments and activities. Among them, Small and Medium Companies, Public Sectors, Health, Agribusiness, Corporate, Products, Investment Banking and Risks. At Santander, he was also responsible for managing the bank’s branch network, including the distribution plan, expansion and commercial sales management. He currently leads the Racial Diversity working group at Santander Brazil, with the objective of increasing the participation of black people in the organization’s staff and leadership and to establish an equal, safe and plural environment for the entire team.