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In addition to attending the presentations and participating in the round tables, attendees will have open discussions and workshops at their disposal to interact and learn with the speakers and mediators. Each day will be dedicated to a central theme:



The year 2020 was undoubtedly marked by much uncertainty. Agile organizations were able to react quickly to change and thrived in a scenario we couldn’t have predicted. And what awaits us in 2021?

With a new format and 80 sessions, the next Festival Agile Trends will bring challenge-driven themes and discussions, to reflect on how agility can help us in the new year.

Save this date, because the days January 25th to 28th will provide you with numerous opportunities to exchange opinions, knowledge and learning.


The Festival Agile Trends is an online and free event , sponsored by Banco Santander and supported by various organizations. This time, we will have a new dynamic, as the second edition will offer 80 sessions of expert agilists and professionals who live in digital environments.

Such professionals share their knowledge and experiences in order to help people and organizations interested in developing and evolving their agile practices.


Aurora Latorre

Without a doubt, one of the best presentations. Very well organized, a great added value simultaneous translations, a multitude of relevant and significant topics for Agile frameworks. Simply a “great” festival in all aspects and looking forward to the next one.

Gisèle Garcia Cano

This is my first time seeing AgileTrends. I am grateful for so much information shared. A global vision where Agility is going in organizations, its lights, and shadows. Enjoying the comments’ depth, diversity of opinions within the same idea from 2nd-century organizations, genuinely sharing many speakers their experiences, and answering the chat questions seemed like a gift. Agile cooperation example.

Eli Sarco

I had not been to such an event, loaded with thousands of information capsules, the experience motivating by itself, listening to the experience directly from excellent professionals who talk about the problems and challenges that I am starting to live. Capture thousands of ideas and above all the peace of mind that you can. Absolutely motivated and grateful for the opportunity to live events of this nature. The good things about the pandemic! Shorten the distances, now closer to the world! Congratulations!

Jose Francisco Valiente

Agile Trends has been a sample of how Agile can be applied beyond IT, with excellent panels and presentations, through brief participations, each speaker directed his message without scales, which facilitates the understanding and the value proposition of each one from them. Agile Trends is already a benchmark in the creation of virtual events.

Astharté Cabanillas

An event with a lot of energy for the community. It allowed me to increase and confirm knowledge about agility. It was a luxury having renowned Keynotes and meeting new professionals, whom we thank for their time and dedication for sharing what they know. Without a doubt, I would participate again, and although the schedule plays differently to us than we are in South America, it is worth the effort !!!


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Help us to go further

If you want to be a collaborating company and participate in this initiative, please send an email to:
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